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As the Sr. Director of Social Media Marketing at from 2013 – 2019, I have gained the unique skills to create the perfect ads for real estate listings which attract both buyers and sellers!  And today, I’m going to share with you how you can too!

Suzanne Hawken

The first thing you need to do is create a great ad with either a static image of the home or a short (15 second) video.  Images of homes that do well no matter what market you are in is a front elevation aerial shot.  If you do not have an aerial shot, then a bright, well positioned front elevation shot from ground level will work too.

If you choose to use a short video, try to have it include the front elevation, the kitchen and the master bedroom as these are the three areas that people are most interested in when deciding on which house they want to call home.

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In the description of the ad, provide specific details on the home, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet and a single sentence description of a feature of the home or the neighborhood.  Remember to never use terms such as “the best” or “the perfect” as it is against DRE policies in addition to any discriminatory terms (including “great for a family”, “located in a predominantly [enter race] neighborhood”, etc.,

However, you also don’t want to give too much away in the ad description because you will then eliminate buyers who may be interested in another property they may find on your site.  So excluding the price of the home is definitely something you should consider.

What If I Have No Listings?

No problem!  You can also create ads that are focused on a particular town or city where you can generate more leads of people interested in those areas.  By using terms such as “Brand New” or “Just reduced”, you will gain more leads than just using the term “search homes for sale”, for instance.  Giving more value through offering more specific calls to action is the way to go!

For the creative, I would recommend using either a front elevation of a home that you have previously sold (or ask another agent in your office for permission to use one of theirs – a win/win!) that is similar to the price of homes you are looking to attract buyers for, or use an aerial shot of a neighborhood or area within the town or city.  These can often be obtained from your Broker.

Once you have determined which area you would like to create an ad for (we will be offering a way to get really granular with this, including which neighborhoods are not already dominated by a specific agent or agents – more to come on this!!), you are going to want to create a link from your website with that exact neighborhood search results.  You will use this as the landing page for your prospective buyers.

In both the listing and broader town/city ad, you will want to create a Facebook Lead Form ad.  This can be accomplished by clicking on the Lead Generation button within the Ads Manager under Objective.

NOTE:  Also, don’t forget you must use the Special Ad Category of Housing (located at the top of the screen when you first start to create your ad with your Ads Manager ) as it will undoubtedly get flagged by Facebook and rejected (due to the NAR/Facebook lawsuit around discrimination…)

You will then want to determine how much you are going to spend on the ad, how long you will run it for and who you will promote the ad to.  This will depend on your budget, but I would suggest starting at $5/day and gauge the response you get.  As shown before, we have seen Lead Generation Ads produce leads for as low as $0.99, so $5.00 a day will give you enough new leads to keep you busy with follow up!


When creating your ad, it is a great rule of thumb to make it a lifetime ad and not a daily budget ad.  There are several reasons for this:

  • Lifetime budget ads allow for specifying exact days and times of when ads will run.  This is great for those that don’t want to get leads during very late night hours (as you will be less likely to respond in a timely manner), in addition to excluding days that you may want to have off (!) such as Sunday for church or family time.
  • Lifetime budget ads also have a very clear portion in the Ads Manager that asks you to choose a start and end date, whereas daily budget ads have no end date unless you add a schedule which is not as easily found.  So it is much easier to forget that an ad is still running when you have no end date, and you could actually leave it running even after your listing has sold!  Yes, I have seen this! 😳

If you have questions about how to create the perfect ad, please feel free to reach out to me via the form below!

We also have a special running right now where we will create the perfect ad for your listing (or neighborhood) ad!  Click the “Let Us Create Your Perfect Ad!” link below to learn more!

Have question? Ask away!

Suzanne Hawken

Suzanne Hawken

Suzanne is one of the top social media marketers in the real estate industry with over 18 years of real estate marketing experience, of which 12 have been specializing in social media. Suzanne also led a team of ten social media marketers at from 2013-2019.

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